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This years show

This Year's show.

This year we are excited to announce that our production will be "Made in Dagenham - The Musical"

Summer School & Shows

Summer School Mon 10th July to Fri 21st July

Technical and Dress rehearsals Tues 25th July

Performances Weds 26th to Sat 29th July at 7:30 and a matinee at 2:30 on Sat 29th

Role Descriptions

Rita - 30s Wife & Mother, factory worker. Rita is a caring and good humoured wife and mum with a strong sense of right and wrong. She is not, initially, a Leader but finds the strength to lead the fight against Management for equal pay for women. She grows from 'one of the girls' into a strong and passionate campaigner.

Eddie - 30s Husband of Rita. Unskilled factory worker. As the man of the house and 'one of the lads', he expects to be looked after by 'the wife'. However, he tries really hard to support Rita and the striking women by looking after the kids, cooking, cleaning and washing - not very successfully, but he does his best. His song, 'The Letter' is sincere and heartfelt.

Beryl - 45-60 Outspoken and coarse. Uses strong language very naturally.

Connie - 50s Shop Steward. Has represented the girls for many years. Passionate and committed but suffering from cancer. Persuades Rita to take over.

Sandra - 17-20s Factory worker but prepared to use her youth and looks to 'get ahead' in life.

Clare - 30-40s Factory worker. A bit scatty, not very articulate - until she sings. Belting voice.

Sid & Bill - 40-50s Union Shop Stewards. Bit of a comedy duo. Sexist and complacent.

Barry - 17-20 Apprentice toolmaker. Na´ve and easily embarrassed. Mercilessly ragged by the women. Eddie's Mate.

Stan - 20s-30s Eddie's mate. Unskilled factory worker.

Monty - 50-60 NUVB Convener. Represents and fights for the women. Good character role.

Male and female ensembles - Strong singing and versatile acting required. Plenty of doubling and character work to do.

Ford Factory Management

Mr Hopkins - 40-50 Managing Director, Ford Dagenham. Well dressed, well paid and well pleased with himself Educated and articulate.

Ron Macer - 40s-50s Production Manager - Management but come up from the ranks.

Greg Hubble - 40s-50s Personnel Director - full of 'personnel-speak'.

Mr Tooley - 50s Ford US Executive. Loud, bullish American. Strong character role. Solo song.

Other Characters

Harold Wilson - Aged 52 Prime Minister. From Huddersfield Good character role with distinctive voice. Solo song.

Barbara Castle - Aged 50 Minister of Transport. From Chesterfield Strong woman in a man's world. Solo song.

3 Civil Servants - 30+ Aides to PM. Good character roles Sing with Prime Minister.

Lisa Hopkins - 35-45 Trophy wife of MD. Educated and unfulfilled. Supports Rita and the women. Needs to be well spoken and elegant.

Possibly doubled roles

Cortina Man - 25+ Model and singer. Hired to do a sexy, cheesy ad for the new Cortina. Needs to be a strong singer and 'cheesy' actor who can dance. Solo song.

Cortina Girls - Glamorous, hired to support Cortina Man.

Mr Buckton - 30+ Teacher who believes in corporal punishment for 'recalcitrant' boys. Smug and intimidating.

Chubby Chuff - 50s Club comedian in the style of Bernard Manning. Mother in law and anti women jokes are his stock in trade.

Club singer - 40s Not good!

Adams - 25+ Heavy who protects the US Ford Executive.

Press reporters and photographers, factory workers etc. - All ages.

If you would like to be part of the fun this year check out audition details.

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